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Good Folk Music Management Logo

music management

for producers, songwriters and engineers.


You make the music.
We handle everything else.

Good Folk uses a proactive hands-on approach, smart technology, and the best people in the business to help creatives build reliable long-term relationships and sustainable careers.

When we say full-service, we mean it.

We have the tactical knowledge and ability to run every department of your business—from contracts and legal, to taxes, accounting, income procurement, and everything in between. No other music management company comes close.


The Good Folk promise

We put you first.

Your career success is our first priority. Management decisions are only ever made with your best interests in mind.

We understand your needs.

One size does not fit all. You’ll get tailored attention that focuses on your individual career growth and fiscal stability.

We pay attention.

We actively map the changing landscape of music regulation and technology so we can predict how it affects your specific business and your bottom line.

We protect your ability to create.

Good Folk management takes care the daily details that distract from the creative process so you have the peace of mind to whole-heartedly dive into your work.

Jordan's Signature


Jordan Mattison



Jordan is a passionate entrepreneur who’s been helping music industry professionals navigate the industry for more than 12 years.

Having watched platforms from Myspace and Limewire to Facebook and Spotify rearrange the industry, he understands how technology has the power to lift or leave behind producers, songwriters, and engineers. And he knows it’s not enough to notice the sea changes as they come—you have to ensure your career can withstand the changing tide.

That’s why Jordan launched Good Folk. He believes in a better music business—one that delivers on its promises and puts the creatives back on top and ahead of the curve.

Back of House

The support team

Back of House

They bring digital know-how and technology expertise to the table, ensuring your business has comprehensive support and clear communication regarding legal, taxes, accounting, tracking tools, and more.

The support team